DC's LEDs'

Safety Vest


LED Safety Vest

At the Indianapolis safety expo in Indianapolis Indiana the DC’s LED’s Safety Vest was compared to 4 or 5 companies from China that had similar vest with a few LEDs on the front and a few on the back. The DC’s LED’s Safety Vest being lighted 360 degrees around could be seen from any angle. Not so with our competitors.

The competitors’ vests did not have the ability to change from bright light to a dim light. Whereas the DC’s LED’s vest can change the intensity of the foot candles.

The competitors’ vests function on two or three AA batteries. Whereas my product operates on two 9 volt batteries. Which makes it last longer and much brighter for those days when it is foggy or heavy snow conditions

My product is very powerful, it can produce more than 15 foot candles of light so you would not need a flash light to change a tire or work on equipment.  In addition, my product can be seen for miles away and it all so comes with an optional siren.

The DC’s LED’s vest has the same light sequence as the utility trucks that are on the highway.  My competitors have only two patterns; fast and slow. My product has eight.
I’m using the same colors as the Barrels out on city streets and highways, orange and white.  My competitors uses only the color white.

My product is made in America, theirs is not. Keep jobs here in Michigan.

The DC’s LED’s Safety Vest has more features and out performs our competitors in the following:


Over (industry leading) 15 foot candles brightness

Has a setting for different flashing speeds and different brightness

Eight light sequences

Wraps all around you

Is visible 360 degrees. Can be seen at every angle

Battery last 30 hours on a steady non-flashing light and well over 40 hours with a flashing sequence

Has a remote control


Has optional siren